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EU production growth slows in July

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EU pig meat production continued to show year-on-year growth in July but, at 2%, the increase was smaller than in the first half of the year.

Output totalled 1.87 million tonnes during the month. The overall growth was due to a combination of heavier carcase weights and more pigs being slaughtered. Throughputs were up just under 2%, compared with the same month last year, at 21.2 million head. Nevertheless, daily slaughterings were at their lowest level since the same month last year, as supplies tightened seasonally. The total number of pigs killed in the year to date reached 147.8 million head, 4% more than in the first seven months of last year, with pig meat production up 5% year on year, at 13.3 million tonnes.


One of the main reasons for the slowdown in growth during July was that, for the first time this year, Spain slaughtered fewer pigs than a year before. The same was true of the Netherlands, while France also reduced throughputs. However, this was offset by higher kills in many other major producers, including Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Poland. Despite these varying trends during July, almost all EU countries have slaughtered more pigs so far in 2015 than in the same period last year.