Photo of UK pig prices - week ended 17 October 2015

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UK pig prices - week ended 17 October 2015

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In week ended 17 October, the EU-spec SPP stayed the same week on week at 127.84p/kg.

This price is the lowest since the SPP started in April 2014 and compared to the EU-spec DAPP series that ended in September 2014, represents the lowest price since June 2008. Supply and demand appear to have balanced out a bit more in week ended 17 October as estimated slaughterings decreased by 4% compared to a week earlier, at 175,300 head. Nevertheless, throughputs were up by 5% in comparison to the same week in 2014. The average SPP carcase weight for the same week recorded an increase of 340g to 82.53kg, the heaviest weight since mid-March. Furthermore, compared to the same week in 2014 the average carcase weight was 310g heavier year on year.

The EU-spec APP fell for the sixth consecutive week, by 0.74p to 132.34p/kg, in week ended 10 October. The price remains 25p/kg down on the same week last year. The gap between the SPP and the APP returned above the 4p threshold, at 4.50p/kg for the same week.


The 30kg weaner price fell for the second consecutive week, by 43p to £43.25 per head, the lowest price since November 2012. Nevertheless, the 7kg piglet price increased by 69p to £32.85 in the same week, ended 17 October, the highest price since the first week in September. The prices for both 30kg and 7kg are behind the same week in 2014, by £7 and £5 per head respectively.