Photo of Canadian hog herd stable despite price volatility

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Canadian hog herd stable despite price volatility

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The Canadian hog industry remained stable over the year to July 2015, with the total number of pigs increasing by a small margin of 1% to 13.2 million, according to figures from Statistics Canada.

This is despite the high prices of the previous year which do not appear to have had much impact on the breeding inventory either, given the cautious nature of Canadian producers. Total slaughter pig numbers have also increased by 1%, with the over 81kg category showing the greatest signs of growth.


This year’s pig prices have been lower, driven by the US market but mitigated by the weakness of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar. America still remains the largest market for Canada, with a quarter more pork being exported to the US in the first six months of 2015. Otherwise, Canada is still recovering from the disruption which was experienced worldwide within the pig industry in 2014, particularly due to the Russian sanctions. This led to an increase in exports to a range of smaller markets such as Taiwan and Australia but these failed to offset the loss of Russian sales.