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EU exports remain higher in July

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EU pork exports in July were up by 7% following a large increase in shipments to China. This follows the trend seen for much of 2015.

Volumes of pork exported from the EU during the month were up 7% compared to the previous year at 144,700 tonnes. This is not only higher than the level seen in 2014, which was affected in the Russian ban, it is also higher than the same month in earlier years. Volumes going to China saw the largest gains, up 80% to 42,700 tonnes, while shipments sent to Japan declined by over a quarter. Shipments to South Korea also increased, while volumes going to Australia, the US, the Philippines and Hong Kong all fell. The weakness of the euro continued to give exports from the EU a competitive advantage over product from other major exporters. Prices were 24% lower than July 2014 in US dollar terms (the dollar being the currency of international trade), while in euro terms they were only down 7%. This left the overall value of exports only marginally lower than the previous year at €326 million.


Exports of offal were also up in July, increasing by 17% on the year at 104,200 tonnes. Again this was driven by large increases in volumes going to China and South Korea, while shipments to Hong Kong and the Philippines decreased. Unit values also increased, in euro terms, leaving the overall value of pork offal up 24% at €120 million.