Photo of EU weaner market weakened even further

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EU weaner market weakened even further

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The average EU weaner price for the week ended 30 August stood at €32.39 per head, leaving prices far below the 2014 levels.

Prices so far this year have followed their normal seasonal pattern, peaking at €44.93 in the week ended 12 April but have followed the same downward trend evident in 2014 with prices up to €10 lower. Breeders are finding themselves in a loss making position given the weak finished pig market and despite low feed prices. The situation has become critical including in the largest producing country Germany with breeders making greater losses than finishers. Normally the weaner price is more stable during the autumn months and this has started to occur in Germany.


Germany, Spain and the Netherlands have all seen large falls in the last three months of €14.10, €10.54 and €10.25 respectively. Poland and the UK have registered smaller decreases of nearer €5 over the same period with an even smaller reduction in Denmark. The EU average has fallen by €8.04. Weaner prices for all major producers are now well were down compared with the previous year. Spain has shown the largest fall of nearly €14. The Spanish price, at €20, is now the second lowest in the EU after the Netherland where the price now only averages €14 per head.