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No change in GB breeder productivity

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The GB breeding herd performance overall stayed the same in the year to June 2015 compared to the year ended June 2014, according to the latest performance data from Agrosoft.

The average number of pigs weaned per sow per year stayed unchanged at 23.6 in the year ended June 2015. This was even though the average pre weaning mortality reduced from 13.0% to 12.5% year on year. While indoor producers weaned an average of 25.7 pigs, a 0.09 increase on a year previous, outdoor producers weaned an average of 21.48, a 0.12 decrease. The average number of litters per sow per year for outdoor producers decreased from 2.30 to 2.24 over the last year. Indoor breeders also recorded a marginal decrease year on year, from 2.30 to 2.29.

Despite the overall productivity recording little change, the latest data release shows the gap between the indoor and outdoor herds are in keeping with previous developments. With the general performance for indoor breeders rising at a faster pace than for outdoor breeders the gap between them is still increasing.


The performance of the feeding herd improved in the year to June 2015 compared with the previous year according to the data. The feed conversion ratio (FCR) for the rearing herd was slightly better at 1.71, a 1% decrease on the same time last year. However, a greater improvement was recorded for the finishing herd, where the FCR decreased from 2.66 to 2.58. Daily weight gains for the rearing herd were lower than a year earlier, by 6% to 480g/day, from 511g/day. On the other hand the finishing herd recorded a slight rise of 5g bringing the daily live weight gain to 799g.

More detailed figures for these and other physical performance indicators can be accessed through the AHDB pork website, by clicking here.