Photo of Future pig prices – what does the past tell us?

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Future pig prices – what does the past tell us?

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New analysis from AHDB Market Intelligence sheds some light on what historical trends can tell us about current and future prices.

Everyone in the pig industry is well aware that pig prices are low at the moment. In fact, they are at their lowest level since early 2008. However, before that, prices had been at even lower levels for over a decade. Between August 1997 and December 2007, the monthly average pig price was only once above 110p/kg and was frequently below £1/kg.


So, can we expect another decade-long period of low prices or will they pick up as quickly as they have fallen? Of course, it is impossible to be sure about the answer to this question. However, we can look at the lessons of history to see what factors might influence prices in the coming months and years.

New analysis looking at historic pig price trends and what they tell us about the current market can be found by clicking here.


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