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More pork sold in February

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In the 4 weeks to 28 February 2016, volume sales of fresh/frozen pork increased by 3% on the same period a year earlier, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel.

However, over the same time period, the amount spent on purchasing pork reduced by 5%, indicating the continuing loss of value in the pork market. This was due to the average price falling by 8% on a year earlier. It is still encouraging to report an increase in volume sales of pork, however, as this has been a declining market for over a year. Nevertheless, taking a longer-term perspective, the amount of pork sold in the 12 weeks ending 28 February was still 2% lower than a year before.


Pork roasting joints saw a significant increase in volume sales in the 4 weeks to 28 February, with loin and shoulder joints up by 19% and 17% respectively, on a year earlier. This time period would capture the start of the latest AHDB Pulled Pork campaign, so there is an inference that this may have had a positive impact on sales of shoulder roasting joints and could have helped other roasting joints too. More detailed analysis of the impact of the Pulled Pork campaign will be available in due course.

Pork chilled main meal accompaniments, which include some pulled pork products, also recorded an increase in volume sales over the same time period of 48%, albeit from a relatively small base. However, bacon, sausages and sliced cooked meats all recorded volume sale decreases in both the 12-week and 4-week periods to 28 February. Prices paid for all pork products, with the exception of belly, ribs and marinades, were cheaper than a year before during the latest period, reflecting the deflationary price experienced in the pork market.


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