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Canadian exports show modest growth

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Canadian exports of fresh/frozen pork have recorded a slight increase over the first six months of 2016, by 10%, to 472,000 tonnes.

Please note: The original version of this article was incorrect as the data used was for the month of June rather than for the January to June period. This has now been corrected in the version below.

However, without the burgeoning trade with China shipments would have declined. Chinese shipments were almost five times their level in the same period a year earlier and by the second quarter it had become the largest market for Canadian pork, accounting for almost a third of all exports. Japanese exports also recorded growth over the six months to June, with Japanese demand still prevalent as the domestic herd recovers from the 2014 PEDv outbreak. However, it may be expected that this could tail off over the next six months. Shipments to the US were back by 9%, and the US is now the second largest market behind China, although it retained its leading position across the six months as a whole. The strong Chinese demand has meant that shipments were at their highest level ever for this part of the year.


The average price of Canadian exports was 3.5% greater than January –June 2015, and the value of exports increased by 14% to C$1,534 million. Much of this increase in value was driven by Chinese trade, with the pig price in China recording record highs over the six-month period, with the value of Chinese shipments recording over a five-fold increase on 2015.


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