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Pork retail sales largely static

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Retail pork sales remained largely static in the 12 weeks to 17 July, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.

Volume sales were down 0.8% compared with a year earlier, despite the average price falling by over 9%. This resulted in the overall pork spend falling by 10% on the same period a year earlier. Leg roasting joints were the only cut to record significant volume sales growth, up 12% on the year earlier. However, with the average unit price down over 14%, this growth was largely at the expense of price. The volume sales of chops/steaks largely stood on, with only a 0.4% increase. All other cuts recorded a decrease in volume sales, albeit at a slightly slower rate than the preceding 12-week period. The shorter-term 4-week picture was marginally more positive, with pork sales only back 0.1% on the same period a year earlier, and leg roasting joints up 31% during the same period.


Bacon sales remained static over the 12-week period on last year’s levels, but posted an increase of 3% over the shorter-term view. Sausages and sliced cooked meats both recorded decreases over the medium and shorter-term view, with sliced cooked meats posting sharper decreases over the 4-week period. While pork pie sales largely stood on over the 12-week period, the 4-week period recorded sharper declines of over 12% on the year earlier.


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