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Producer share of retail price at 10-month high

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The sustained recovery of GB pig prices since the spring has come at a time when retail pork prices have been fairly stable. As a result, the share of the retail price received by producers has risen from a low point of 30% to reach 35% in July.

This was the highest figure since last September and almost the same as in July 2015. Nevertheless, it remains well below the 40%+ share received by producers for much of 2014. While pig prices in July were still 5% lower than the same month last year, retail prices had also fallen by the same percentage, on average.


Although overall retail prices were stable in July, there was some movement for individual cuts, according to AHDB’s retail price survey. In particular, loin steaks were 4% cheaper than in June, while pork mince was 2% more expensive. Prices for diced pork and shoulder rose by a little over 1% but movements for other cuts were smaller. Compared with July 2015, prices for all monitored cuts were lower this year. The biggest falls were for boneless shoulder (-9%), loin chops (-7%) and steaks (-6%) and traditional pork sausages (also -6%).


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