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Comparing APP and SPP

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As would be expected, of AHDB’s two weekly pig prices, the APP, which includes ‘premium pigs’ is higher than the SPP. However, the gap between the two has fluctuated.

In the early months of the two series, when prices were relatively stable, the gap was only around 2p/kg. As prices began to fall from the summer of 2014, the gap between the two series increased, spending most of the next two years fluctuating around 4p/kg. However, as prices turned from the spring of 2016, the gap began to fall again and has recently been back to around 2p/kg.


One other recent development is some divergence in trends in carcase weights. While the average weight in the SPP sample remains around a kilo above last year’s levels, the average weight in the APP sample is now only fractionally above the same point last year.

So what is behind these trends? To find some of the answers to this question, click here.


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