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Compound pig feed production 2% up on the year

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Total UK animal feed production for the first half of this crop season (July-December) increased by 0.4% compared to the same point last year, to 6.59Mt, according to the latest usage data released by Defra.

A rise in manufacturing of poultry and pig feed (both +2%) outweighed the decrease in sheep (-10%) and cattle feed (-3%) production. In December, total compound pig feed production was 174,000 tonnes, which is 15% more than November and similar to December 2014. Season to date total production is at 949,000 tonnes.

From July – December pig growing and finishing feed production have both increased, by 8% and 1% respectively, compared to the same point in 2014. Nevertheless, pig breeding feed manufacturing decreased by 3% over the same time. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that a high proportion of UK pigs consume feed milled on farm, which is not counted in these statistics, so they do not represent the feeding trends of the whole UK herd.


Season to date cereal inclusions in animal feed have decrease by 2% year on year. Despite high levels of maize imports, year to date total inclusions of the feed ingredient have fallen by 8% to 167Kt. Wheat and barley usage have also decreased slightly, despite high domestic stock levels and low prices. Once again the inclusion of pulses (field beans and peas) in animal feed production increased in December, compared to the previous month, bringing season to date usage up to 85Kt, well over double the amount used at this point in 2014.