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Belgian pork exports largely stable

29 July 2016

In the first four months of 2016, Belgium exported 231 thousand tonnes of pork.

EU pig prices continue their rise

28 July 2016

EU pig prices continued their rise throughout June and July, taking the reference price to €162.54/100kg for week ended 24 July.

UK pig prices - week ended 23 July

27 July 2016

The EU spec SPP continued to rise in week ended 23 July, up 2.14p to 130.28p/kg.

UK supplies reducing due to improved balance of trade

26 July 2016

Domestic production growth is expected to draw back in the second half of 2016, although still be ahead of 2015 levels.

July Pig Market Trends out now

26 July 2016

The July edition of Pig Market Trends (PMT) is published today.

Pork’s retail woes continue

26 July 2016

Retail pork sales remained subdued in the 12 week period up to 19 June, according to the data from Kantar Worldpanel. The amount of pork sold was down 2%, compared with a year earlier, despite prices being 9% lower.

Feed market update – July 2016

26 July 2016

Over the past month (23 June – 20 July), markets have been reacting to the outcome of the EU referendum.

Chinese imports continuing to boom

25 July 2016

Chinese imports of fresh/frozen pork continued to increase significantly in June, up 138% to 762 thousand tonnes.

Little sign of slowdown in EU exports

22 July 2016

EU pork exports in May 2016 were marginally lower than in April but were still nearly double their level in the same month last year, at 226,000 tonnes.

South Korean pork imports remain stable

22 July 2016

Korean imports of fresh and frozen pork have remained largely static in the first six months of 2016, up less than half of one percent, at 230 thousand tonnes.

German pig price on the rise

20 July 2016

German pig prices have been increasing significantly since May, following two years of declining prices.

How will Brexit affect UK trade outside the EU?

20 July 2016

AHDB has released new analysis of what the UK’s trading relationships with non-EU countries might look like post-Brexit.

UK pig prices - week ended 16 July

20 July 2016

The EU-spec SPP rose once again in week ended 16 July, by 1.57p, to 128.14p/kg.

New edition of MeatStats published

19 July 2016

MeatStats, AHDB's set of data tables covering different aspects of the UK and global meat industry has now been updated to include data up to the end of 2015.

EU production levels up in April

18 July 2016

Provisional figures from the EU Commission show that EU pig meat production increased year-on-year in April, up 5% to 1,950 thousand tonnes.

Meat Market Observatory launched

15 July 2016

The Commission has today launched a new Meat Market Observatory aimed at improving market transparency for the beef & veal and the pigmeat sectors, thereby helping operators to read market signals and to cope better with market volatility.

Brazilian pork exports recording strong growth

15 July 2016

Brazilian exports of fresh/frozen pork for the first half of 2016 increased by 56% on the same period last year, to over 301 thousand tonnes.

UK production starting to decline

14 July 2016

According to the latest DEFRA figures, pig slaughterings for June were up, to 864 thousand head, on the same period a year earlier. However, if you allow for a change in reporting periods, the latest figure actually represents a 3.6% fall in slaughtering levels on June 2015.

Producer’s share of retail price rises for second consecutive month

13 July 2016

Although remaining at a historical low, the producer’s share of the retail pork price increased slightly in June, to 33%.

UK pig prices - week ended 9 July 2016

13 July 2016

The EU-spec SPP continued to climb in week ending 9 July, by 2.8p to 126.57p/kg.

CETA agreement between the EU and Canada

13 July 2016

The EU is in the process of completing the EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA) and final approval is currently expected in the first quarter of 2017.

Short-Term Outlook for EU arable crops and meat markets published

12 July 2016

The EU Commission has recently published its Short-Term Outlook for EU arable crops, dairy and meat markets in 2016 and 2017, and here we look to highlight some of the pertinent points for the pig meat market.

UK exports still increasing in May

11 July 2016

UK exports of fresh/frozen pork increased once again in May, to 14.2 thousand tonnes.

Developing countries to dominate global pork growth

08 July 2016

Global meat production is projected to continue to grow over the coming decade, although at a slightly slower rate than over the last 10 years, according to the newly-published OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook.

What could a UK/EU trade relationship look like post-Brexit?

08 July 2016

New AHDB report looks at five potential options for UK's trading relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

UK pig prices - week ended 2 July 2016

06 July 2016

The EU-spec SPP climbed for the 13th consecutive week in week ending 2 July, by over 1.5p to 123.77/kg.

UK exit from the EU - Article 50 and negotiating a new relationship

06 July 2016

In the wake of the EU referendum on Thursday 24 June, AHDB will be assessing the evidence and looking at possible scenarios for the UK agricultural sector.

2016: The year so far for retail sales of meat

06 July 2016

Now that we are almost halfway through 2016, it is possible to take a look back at the year so far and see what trends have been emerging in the retail market for different proteins.

EU pig prices surge past UK prices

05 July 2016

The surge in EU pig prices which began at the end of April continues unabated. This took it to over €155 per 100kg for week ended 26 June, the highest level since September 2014.

Dutch exports down in the first quarter

04 July 2016

Export volumes of fresh/frozen pork were down in the first quarter of 2016, by 8%, to 185 thousand tonnes.

Italian pork imports decreasing

01 July 2016

Italian pork imports decreased by 7% in the first quarter of 2016, when compared with the same period a year earlier, according to the latest data released from Istat.

July UK Pig Meat Market Update out now

01 July 2016

The latest edition of our UK pig meat market update is out now.