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How will Brexit affect UK trade outside the EU?

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AHDB has released new analysis of what the UK’s trading relationships with non-EU countries might look like post-Brexit.

It examines existing markets for agricultural products, exploring how EU membership influences UK trade, and identifies challenges the future holds for UK trade. The ‘Horizon’ article also looks at the pros and cons of pursuing a restrictive trade policy and what this might mean for agricultural industries.

Issues around trade with non-EU countries are important for the pork sector, in particular. So far this year, 45% of UK pig meat exports have been to countries outside the EU, a share which has been rising steadily over recent years. Some of the product exported to other EU Member States will also have been for onward shipment to non-EU markets. At present, UK imports of pig meat from outside the EU are negligible, as import tariffs make the EU market unattractive. However, this could change depending on the approach the UK takes to trade policy.


The new report is the second in a series of articles looking at the potential implications for the industry of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Further pieces of analysis will be released on a range of topics in the coming weeks, to provide AHDB levy payers with a bank of independent resources on key questions raised by the referendum result. The report, along with other AHDB information on the implications of the EU referendum, can be found by clicking here.


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