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Pork’s retail woes continue

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Retail pork sales remained subdued in the 12 week period up to 19 June, according to the data from Kantar Worldpanel. The amount of pork sold was down 2%, compared with a year earlier, despite prices being 9% lower.

Slightly less pork was sold on promotion than a year ago and, within that, there was an increase in total price reductions but fewer Y for £X deals. Encouragingly, shoulder-roasting joints recorded an increase in volume sales of 7% over the 12 weeks, aided by a particularly strong performance in the final four weeks of the period. Chops and steaks were the only other cuts to record volume sales growth, at 2%. All other cuts suffered decreases, with loin roasting joints and pork ribs the most significant, at 15% and 12% respectively. The overall picture was somewhat more positive in the latest four-week period, with chops/steaks and leg joints joining shoulders in recording growth. Overall 4% more pork was sold than in the same period last year but, with much lower prices, spending was still down 8%.


Bacon recorded a modest decrease in volume sales over the twelve-week period, although there was a slightly steeper decline over the shorter-term view. Sausages and sliced cooked meats (mainly ham) also saw sales declines over both the shorter and longer periods. In all cases, prices were lower than a year before, albeit only marginally in the case of sliced cooked meats. While sausage rolls saw a year-on-year increase in the 12-week period, this was reversed more recently but, more encouragingly, pork pies recorded volumes sales increases over both the longer and shorter-term periods.


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