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FAO 2016 Food Outlook report now published

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The FAO has published its 2016 Food Outlook report this month, so it seems timely to review some of the points the report highlights.

Overall meat production is anticipated to stagnate in 2016, rising by only 0.3% to 320.7 million tonnes. Increases in output are expected in the United States, Brazil, the EU, India and Russia, while reduced production is foreseen for China, Australia and South Africa. However, global production of pig meat in 2016 is forecast to decrease marginally, by 0.7% to 116.4 million tonnes. This will be a second year of virtual stagnation, with the lower output in China being the main reason for this contraction.


Global meat trade is forecast to recover in 2016, growing by 2.8% to 30.6 million tonnes. This represents a return to trend, after a fall in 2015.

Pig meat trade could experience a second year of growth, increasing by 4.4% to 7.5 million tonnes. Most of the principal importing countries are anticipated to increase their purchases, including Mexico, China, Russia, United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia. In response to rising demand, exports are projected to grow, in particular those of the dominant exporters of the United States, Canada, the EU and Brazil.

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