Producers share of retail price still low, but rising slowly

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The producer’s share of the retail pork price recorded another modest increase in May, to 32%.

While this was one percentage point higher than April, levels are still at historical lows, and the producers share is 3 percentage points behind May 2015. These figures are still around the lowest levels for over a decade. While the farmgate price has continued to increase slightly through May, retail prices fell overall, down 3% on the same period a year earlier. Although it is encouraging that farmgate prices are not following the same trend as the retail price, they are still 12% behind May 2015.


The fall in retail prices in May was largely due to lower prices for pork fillet (-4%) and minced pork (-2%). Other cuts either experienced small negative movements or were static, with the exception of fillet end leg, which recorded a 2% increase. Over the longer term, price movement was mixed, with diced pork and loin chops recording the biggest price falls (-8% and -5% respectively) versus May 2015. This was partially offset by the 7% price increase of fillet end leg over the same period.


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