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UK exports continuing to grow in April

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UK exports of fresh/frozen pork continued to grow significantly in April, to 17.2 thousand tonnes.

This was an 18% increase on the same period a year earlier. Once again, China was the main driver behind this growth, with shipment levels almost doubling versus April 2015. The increase in sow slaughterings saw shipment volumes to Germany increase by almost 12%. Export volumes to the United States, Philippines and Poland also recorded strong growth, albeit in smaller absolute volumes. US and Polish shipments more than doubled and exports to the Philippines increased over seven-fold on April 2015.

The value of UK fresh/frozen pork exports increased by over 29%, to £19.3 million, when compared with April 2015. The strong pig price in China has largely driven this value growth, coupled with increased shipments of high value cuts to countries such as the United States and Australia.


Offal export levels also continued to rise in April, more than doubling to 6.6 thousand tonnes. The Asian markets were the main driver of this growth, with China accounting for half of all UK shipments. Sausages and processed products saw export volumes fall, by 45% and 13% respectively, although overall volumes were relatively small.

Imports of fresh/frozen pork were 4% down on April 2015, to 26.9 thousand tonnes. With the UK pig price premium now under 10p/kg, imported pork has not been significantly cheaper, thus helping to dampen down import levels. Despite rising pig prices in the UK and EU, average unit prices remain down on April 2015, resulting in the value of imports being almost 16% less than the same period a year earlier, to £41.7 million.


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