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Producer share of retail price continues to fall

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The share of the retail pork price received by producers fell again in February, despite already being at its lowest level in over a decade.

Farmgate pig prices continued to fall in February 2016, although the rate of decline has steadied of late, to average 116.66p/kg, the lowest level recorded since March 2008. This was a decline of almost 5p/kg from the previous month. However, over the same period, the average retail price increased by over 1%, leaving it at a similar level to a year earlier. The result of this was that the share of the retail price received by the producer fell again, to 30%, at a time where the percentage share was already at the lowest level seen for over a decade. Compared with the same period last year, the percentage share received by producers has fallen 6 percentage points.


There was a dichotomy in retail price movements by cut in February, according to the data collected by AHDB Market Intelligence. Boneless leg and boneless shoulder both saw increases of 3%, traditional pork sausage prices rose by 2% and fillet of pork and minced pork were up by 1%. Fillet end leg and loin steak prices largely stood on, while loin chops and diced pork both recorded price decreases, of 1% and 2% respectively. When compared with the same period a year earlier, fillet end leg and fillet of pork both showed a marked increase in the average retail price (of 9% and 7% respectively), while the largest decrease was recorded in the retail price of diced pork (-4%). With the exception of boneless leg, which has seen a year-on-year retail price increase of 5%, all other cuts recorded minor price decreases of no more than 2%, or largely stood on.


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