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Producer share of retail price still low

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Although it increased slightly in April, producers’ share of the retail pork price remains historically low, at 31%.

This is one point higher than in February and March but these were the lowest figures for over a decade and the April level is still four points down on April 2015. While the farmgate price rose slightly between March and April, retail prices fell slightly overall, reaching their lowest level since mid-2012. Nevertheless, the price received by producers was 14% lower than a year before, while retail prices had only fallen by 3%.


The fall in retail prices in April was largely due to lower prices for boneless leg (-2%), loin chops (-3%) and diced pork (-5%). Other cuts experienced only small movements, with some cheaper and others more expensive. Over the longer term, there were mixed trends in prices compared with April 2015. The biggest price falls were for diced pork (-7%), loin chops (-5%), minced pork and boneless shoulder (both -3%). However these were partly offset by price rises for pork fillet (+5%) and fillet end leg (+4%).


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