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Lower prices fail to stimulate retail pig meat sales

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Expenditure on retail pork purchases was down 13%, compared with a year earlier, for the 12 weeks ending 9 October, according to latest data from Kantar Worldpanel. This was driven by an 8% decline in volume sales that came in spite of a 5% cut in the average price paid.

Additionally, there was a drop in the number of people buying into the category and those who did buy pork, bought less. The volume of pork sold on promotion was lower than a year ago, except for a slight increase for chops/steaks, as levels of Y for £X deals continue to fall. Pork volume and value sales were in decline across all cuts, led by pork leg and shoulder roasting joints. Switching data shows that people moved from pork mainly to fresh chicken and also chilled convenience products. However, pork did make gains from fresh lamb in this period.


The amount spent on bacon also continued to decline, down 9% year on year, on the back of a small fall in the amount purchased and a drop in average retail prices of 8%. The level of retailer promotional activity was down year on year, with temporary price reductions continuing to rise but less Y for £X activity. Value sales of sausages were down 4%, with this predominantly coming from lower retail prices, which also fell by 4%, as well as a decline in the amount purchased per trip. This period, premium sausages did show slight growth, with a 3% increase in the amount sold and a 1% rise in spend. Expenditure on sliced cooked meats was almost unchanged for the 12-week period but ham was down 1%, with retail prices unchanged year on year but the quantity bought down 1%.


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