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EU sow price passes peak

31 October 2016

EU sow prices continued to rise throughout the third quarter of 2016 but have begun to drop off in recent weeks, following declining EU pig prices.

Pig farm incomes plummet in 2015/16

31 October 2016

The average Farm Business Income (FBI) for specialist pig farms in England fell by 56% in 2015/16, when compared to the previous year, from £49,400 to £22,000, according to the latest data from Defra.

EU and Canada sign free trade deal

31 October 2016

After a week of intensive negotiation, the EU and Canada have signed a much-delayed Free Trade Agreement, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Chinese import boom continues into Q3

28 October 2016

Chinese imports of fresh/frozen pork continued to be significantly elevated in Q3 this year, increasing by 160% on the same period in 2015 to reach 516 thousand tonnes. This takes import volumes for the first nine months of 2016 to 1.28 million tonnes, well over double last year’s figure.

UK pig prices - week ended 22 October 2016

26 October 2016

The EU-Spec SPP continued rising during the week ended 22 October, climbing by 0.83p to reach 145.91p/kg.

November UK Pig Meat Market Update out now

26 October 2016

The latest edition of our UK pig meat market update is out now.

Tighter supplies ahead in EU but limited price support

26 October 2016

The reduction in the EU pig breeding herd recorded in the year to June 2016 is expected to lead to some reduction in supplies over the coming months. However, uncertainty about future export prospects and subdued EU consumer demand may prevent prices rising any further. These were among the conclusions drawn from this week’s meeting of the EU Commission’s pig meat forecasts working group.

Far East buoys Brazilian export market

25 October 2016

Brazilian fresh/frozen pork export volumes for the January- September period were up 41% this year, relative to 2015, at over 474,000 tonnes.

Scottish pig herd increasing

25 October 2016

In the year to June 2016, the total number of pigs in Scotland recorded a 4% increase, according to the latest figures published by the Scottish Government.

UK pig supplies to remain tight into 2017

25 October 2016

Latest AHDB pork forecasts for UK pig meat supplies have been published today.

More EU pork produced per day in July

21 October 2016

At face-value, provisional figures from Eurostat show that EU pig meat production declined 4% on the previous year during July, to 1.78 million tonnes. However, when adjusted to take into account two extra working days in July 2015 compared to July this year, the trend is reversed.

EU pig price now in decline

21 October 2016

The EU-average pig reference price has tailed off in the latest three weeks.

UK pig prices - week ended 15 October 2016

19 October 2016

For the week ended 15 October, the EU-spec SPP rose yet again, increasing by 1.18p to 145.08p/kg.

Global pork production and exports set to reach record highs in 2017

19 October 2016

Total global pig meat production is forecast to be down 2% this year, relative to 2015, according to the latest estimate from the US Department of Agriculture’s global outlook report. However, looking forward to 2017 production is predicted to not only recover but increase above 2015 levels.

EU exports slowing down

19 October 2016

EU pork exports appear to be slowing down, according to latest figures released by Eurostat. Since hitting a new record in June, shipments had fallen back nearly a quarter by August, to stand at 180,000 tonnes.

Lower prices can’t halt slide in pork retail sales

19 October 2016

Consumer spending on retail pork purchases was down 12%, compared with a year earlier, in the 12 weeks ending 11 September.

UK pork production continues to decline

19 October 2016

According to the latest figures from Defra, UK clean pig slaughterings were back 3% during September compared to a year earlier, at 910.5 thousand head.

UK pig herd up in June

13 October 2016

Provisional Defra figures for the UK pig herd as at 1 June 2016 indicate a 2% increase in total pig numbers, relative to the same point last year. This increase was largely driven by a 3% increase in feeding pig numbers, likely following from expansion in the breeding herd at the end of 2015, particularly in Northern Ireland.

Preparing for a new agricultural world

13 October 2016

This year’s AHDB Grain Market Outlook conference, which took place yesterday, focused on helping prepare the industry for a new, post-referendum agricultural world, where issues like productivity, consolidation and efficiency are becoming ever more prevalent.

UK pig prices - week ended 8 October 2016

12 October 2016

The EU-spec SPP rose yet again in the week ended 8 October, climbing by 1.67p to reach 143.90p/kg.

UK exports grow in August

12 October 2016

UK fresh/frozen pork exports began to increase again in August, at 15,900 tonnes they were up 3%, compared to the previous year.

New report explores Brexit impacts sector by sector

12 October 2016

The implications of future trade policy scenarios for the UK’s farming and growing industries are examined in the latest edition of AHDB’s Horizon series.

How big is your premium? – comparing UK and EU pig prices

12 October 2016

Since June, AHDB has been reporting that UK pig prices have fallen behind the EU average price. This represents a significant change from last year when UK prices averaged almost 30p/kg higher than EU levels. These conclusions are based on analysis of the reference prices published by the EU Commission, which are intended to provide a like-for-like comparison between prices in different countries. But do they really do so?

EU short-term outlook report published

11 October 2016

The latest EU Commission Short-Term Outlook for arable crops, dairy and meat markets in 2016 and 2017 has recently been published.

Rising pig price enables producer share of retail price to increase

07 October 2016

The producers’ share of retail pork prices has now been rising for six consecutive months, reaching 37% during September.

Sterling continues to weaken

07 October 2016

The continued weakness of the pound against the euro post-Brexit is helping to support prices for most agricultural outputs, including pigs. It will also mean higher overall payments to those farmers receiving Basic Payments in sterling.

UK pig prices - week ended 1 October 2016

05 October 2016

The EU-spec SPP rose further during the week ended 1 October, increasing by 1.20p to 142.23p/kg.

EU pig meat demand still in decline

05 October 2016

Consumer demand for pig meat in key EU markets has remained under pressure in 2016, with consumption generally falling back in spite of favourable prices.

Fall in trade between EU countries

05 October 2016

According to the latest trade data the volume of pork traded between the 28 EU Member States declined in the first half of 2016.

Russia appeals WTO ruling on EU pork import ban

03 October 2016

As was widely anticipated, Russia has appealed against the World Trade Organisation (WTO)’s judgement that its ban on imports of EU pig meat products was against WTO rules. Appeals can take up to three months to complete. If the original judgement is upheld, Russia will have to remove the ban within a ‘reasonable period of time’ or face retaliatory measures.

US pig herd continues to break records

03 October 2016

As at September 1, the US pig herd had increased by 2% on the previous year to 70.9 million head, according to the latest Hogs and Pigs report published by the USDA.