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More EU pork produced per day in July

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At face-value, provisional figures from Eurostat show that EU pig meat production declined 4% on the previous year during July, to 1.78 million tonnes. However, when adjusted to take into account two extra working days in July 2015 compared to July this year, the trend is reversed.

Per working day, pig meat production was up 5% during July 2016 relative to last year. However, production levels last July were particularly low and the latest figures probably represent a similar supply situation to last year. Clean pig slaughterings followed the same trends as production, with nearly a million fewer pigs killed this July, at 20 million head, but more slaughtered per working day. With more supplies available on the market, while domestic demand remained subdued, the EU pig price plateaued at this time. Export demand remained strong during the month, though, preventing prices from falling.


Southern Europe drove the increased EU pig meat production during July. Spanish production up 1%, even without adjusting the working days. Likewise, though a smaller player, Italian production recorded a substantial rise of 11% at this time. Northern European counties showed reduced production when the working days adjustment is not applied, with production from Germany back 4% on July last year, for example.


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