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New report explores Brexit impacts sector by sector

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The implications of future trade policy scenarios for the UK’s farming and growing industries are examined in the latest edition of AHDB’s Horizon series.

The report explores how trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world following Brexit may impact UK agriculture and horticulture on a sector-by-sector basis. It profiles each sector’s current trading position in the global arena and highlights the opportunities and threats associated with various potential terms of trade. The report covers AHDB’s levy-paying sectors – dairy, beef, lamb, pork, cereals and oilseeds, potatoes and horticulture. It also looks at poultry meat in the context of its relationship with the red meat market.


Some of the key points from the report’s section on the pork sector included:

  • The EU currently supplies around 60% of domestic pork demand

  • Exports are important to add value to cuts unpopular with UK consumers

  • Any tariff or quota limits on the volume of pork traded between the EU and UK could mean sharp price movements, affecting demand

  • In contrast, any reduction in tariffs on imports from outside the EU could increase competition from low-cost producers like the US and Brazil

  • In the absence of a trade deal at Brexit, EU import tariffs could curb sow meat exports to the UK’s main customer, Germany, seriously reducing the value of UK sows

  • Regulatory and trading agreements with individual non-EU countries may bypass the need for complex FTA negotiations

The new report joins the suite of Horizon publications, produced by AHDB in the wake of the EU referendum and focussing on key issues for UK agriculture and horticulture.


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