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UK exports grow in August

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UK fresh/frozen pork exports began to increase again in August, at 15,900 tonnes they were up 3%, compared to the previous year.

China continues to account for most of the rise, with shipments up 68%. Declines in shipments to Ireland and Germany, of 11% and 7% respectively, were the largest drivers of a fall in exports to the EU during the month. Volumes going to the Netherlands and Denmark also saw declines. These falls are potentially due to UK pig meat production being 2% lower in August, combined with higher volumes going to China, leaving less to be exported to other destinations. The average value of shipments was up during the month, helped by the post-Brexit devaluation of sterling. This meant that the total value of UK exports in August was up 20% at £20.1 million. The value of exports going to China more than doubled compared to the previous year.

Offal shipments in August were up by 23% year on year at 5,400 tonnes, driven by higher sales to China which accounted for over half of total offal shipments.


Imports of fresh/frozen pork to the UK followed a similar trend to that seen in July, increasing by 31% year on year to 39,900 tonnes. This continues to be driven by a sharp rise in imports from Denmark, which more than doubled compared to the previous year. Reflecting the currently high pork prices and weak pound, the average unit price of imports was up by 15% year on year. This resulted in the overall value of imports rising by 50% to £75.1 million.

Imports of cured and processed pig meat also increased during the month. As with pork, Danish supplies drove the rise in bacon imports, with other suppliers sending less to the UK during the month. Higher sausage imports were mainly sourced from Germany and Poland, while the increase in other processed products came primarily from Ireland.


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