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Mid-week roast opportunity for red meat

30 September 2016

With an ever increasing shift towards convenience meal solutions for today’s time poor consumers, the traditional favourite that is the roast dinner is coming under increasing pressure.

Dutch exports back slightly, although Chinese shipments remain in growth

30 September 2016

Overall Dutch fresh/frozen pork export volumes were back 1% relative to last year during the first half of 2016, at 419 thousand tonnes.

UK pig prices - week ended 24 September

28 September 2016

The EU-spec SPP continued its rise in week ended 24 September, up 0.65p to 141.03p/kg.

Polish imports and exports continue to increase

28 September 2016

Polish exports of fresh/frozen pork increased in the first half of 2016 on a year earlier, up 13% to 219.6 thousand tonnes.

September Pig Market Trends out now

27 September 2016

The September edition of Pig Market Trends (PMT) is published today.

EU pig price continuing its upwards trend

26 September 2016

The EU average pig reference price continued its upward trend of the year, following a slight plateau in August.

Defra records increase in the English total and breeding herds

26 September 2016

Defra figures from the 1 June English pig survey show a surprising increase in the total pig herd, with reported numbers up 2%, to 3.9 million head.

Italian pork imports down, but live trade increasing

26 September 2016

Volumes of fresh/frozen pork imported into Italy fell by 6%, relative to 2015 during the first half of the year, to 481,800 tonnes.

Declines in EU’s breeding and finishing pig herds

22 September 2016

The latest provisional figures from Eurostat show a decline in both the breeding and finishing herd on an EU level in the year to June 2016.

Pork retail sales back slightly

21 September 2016

In the 12 weeks to 14 August, the amount of pork purchased was down on a year earlier, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.

UK pig prices - week ended 17 September

21 September 2016

The EU-spec SPP rose once again in week ended 17 September, up 0.49p to 140.38p/kg.

Potential impact of Brexit on the meat processing workforce

21 September 2016

The latest issue in AHDB’s Horizon series highlights potential consequences arising from the loss of EU migrant labour on workforce availability in the wider agricultural and food sector.

Growth in Danish exports to China counteract declining EU trade

20 September 2016

Total fresh/frozen pork exports from Denmark during the first half of 2016 sat on last year’s levels, at 562,600 tonnes.

EU exports remain strong

20 September 2016

July was another strong month for EU exports, up 31% on the year earlier to 189 thousand tonnes.

UK production back in August

16 September 2016

According to the latest figures released from Defra, UK clean pig slaughterings were back 3% in August on the year earlier, to 901.6 thousand head.

EU production levels stand on last year’s volumes

15 September 2016

Provisional figures from the EU Commission show that EU pig meat production stood on last year’s levels in June, at 1,892 thousand tonnes.

GB breeding herd productivity continues to improve

14 September 2016

The latest physical performance data, provided to AHDB Pork by Agrosoft, showed that the productivity of the GB breeding herd continued to improve throughout the second quarter of 2016.

UK pig prices - week ended 10 September

14 September 2016

The EU-spec SPP rose further in week ended 10 September, by 1.65p to 139.89p/kg.

UK exports back in July

13 September 2016

UK fresh/frozen pork exports counteracted the recent increasing trend, decreasing by 7% to 14.3 thousand tonnes in July, compared to the previous year.

Producers share of pork price continuing to increase

13 September 2016

The producer’s share of the retail pork price increased marginally in August, reaching 36%, the highest share for the past 18 months.

Production costs rising again

12 September 2016

Having fallen through most of 2015, pig production costs rose in the second quarter of this year, according to latest estimates from AHDB Pork. This meant that, despite some recovery in pig prices during the three months, average producer losses were similar to those in the first quarter.

Breeding herd declines in major producing EU states

12 September 2016

Initial figures released from Eurostat, from selected EU Member States, are indicative that there may be a decline in both the total pig herd and the breeding pig herd in the May/June census.

Preparing for a new agricultural world

08 September 2016

Grain Market Outlook is the leading UK conference on global grain markets, hosted by AHDB. This year it takes place on 12 October in London.

Continuing increase in Canadian pig herd

07 September 2016

The Statistics Canada Hog inventory has reported a 2% increase in total pig numbers on 1 July 2016 compared to the previous year, with numbers now reaching 13.5 million head.

United Kingdom gaining foothold on Australian market

07 September 2016

Australian imports of fresh and frozen pork in the first half of 2016 were marginally down on a year earlier, but this did not prevent United Kingdom product starting to penetrate this market.

UK pig prices - week ended 03 September 2016

07 September 2016

The EU-spec SPP continued to rise in week ended 03 September, up 0.94p to 138.24p/kg.

Will Chinese trade absorb the bumper US pig crop?

07 September 2016

US hog prices started 2016 in a somewhat sluggish fashion, at levels well below those recorded in recent years, but have shown a gradual increase throughout the year.

Consumers’ perception of red meat improving

06 September 2016

The image of red meat has been undergoing a major positive change, with consumers seeing it more and more as full of flavour, easy to cook and suitable for any day of the week.

Irish exports continue to grow in H1 2016

05 September 2016

Irish exports continued to grow into the first half of 2016, up 20% on the year earlier, to 96.1 thousand tonnes.

EU weaner prices starting to taper back

02 September 2016

The latest EU Commission data reports the EU average weaner price for the week ended 21 August as €43.23 a head.