UK pig prices - week ended 03 September 2016

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The EU-spec SPP continued to rise in week ended 03 September, up 0.94p to 138.24p/kg.

This price was last recorded in January 2015, and the current quote stands at just under 7p more than at the same point a year earlier. The macro trends supporting the price remain unchanged, with strong export demand and a weakening sterling against the euro and dollar.

Estimated slaughterings were back slightly on the previous week, by 1% to 179,000 head. They were up 5% on the same point the year earlier though. The average carcase weight was up 0.54kg on the week earlier, at 82.52kg. This is the heaviest average carcase weight since May, although still well below weights recorded at the beginning of the year.

In week ended 27 August, the EU-spec APP also increased, by 1.54p to 139.78p/kg. This is the highest weekly price since February 2015, and brings the current quote to 2.96p higher than at the same point a year earlier. The gap between the APP and SPP increased slightly, to 2.48p.


7kg weaners continued their price increase trend, by 49p to £34.40/head. However, 30kg weaners recorded a decrease in price, by £1.73, to £46.15/head. Nevertheless, the 30kg weaner price is still at levels last seen in January 2015, and the price decrease this week follows a strong price increase the week before, so may be due to some degree of self-adjustment.


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