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UK production back in August

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According to the latest figures released from Defra, UK clean pig slaughterings were back 3% in August on the year earlier, to 901.6 thousand head.

This allows for adjustments to Defra’s 2015 figures, following their change of reporting methodology from a statistical month to a calendar month in February. This downturn in production would confirm the relatively tight supply situation that has been experienced of late, which in turn has supported the pig price that is now above the level recorded at this point a year earlier.


The latest figures also show a decrease in sow slaughterings on the year earlier, continuing the trend from the previous month. Throughputs of 19.6 thousand head were 5% down on August 2015, and may infer that the rising pig prices could be causing increased optimism among producers, and incentivising them to maintain, or even increase, their breeding herd. Average carcase weights stood at 80.8kg, which was 600g more than the year earlier and 200g more than the previous month. A fall in slaughterings translated to a decrease in the volume of production, which was back 2% in August on the previous year, to 75.8 thousand tonnes.


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