In-store Butcher opportunities for increasing red meat sales

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Findings from the AHDB/YouGov Consumer Tracker highlights 16% of consumers say they have bought meat from a supermarket butcher.

Standalone butchers shops offer the same benefits as the in-store counters, but there is added convenience of visiting the supermarket butcher counter as part of the ‘main shop’. Consumers surveyed in the tracker highlighted key benefits included, meat with good value, ability to see items and obtaining the exact weight needed.


Looking across the whole retail market (including butchers), a quarter of lamb was sold as a ‘loose’ product i.e. not pre-packaged, with slightly lower levels for beef and pork (18%). Chicken, sausages and sliced cooked meat all had slightly lower proportions (just over 12%). However, it is pork and chicken which have seen strongest growth for loose products. In the case of pork it’s a reversal of the trend in pre-packed where volumes remain behind last year. Pork’s growth in loose occurred across belly, loin and leg while chops were lower year-on-year.

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