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Can updated NAFTA keep US trade flowing?

30 August 2017

Negotiations to update the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) started on 16 August as a result of change demanded by the Trump administration.

GB pig prices return to downwards trajectory

30 August 2017

Despite some uplift in the previous week, the EU-spec SPP resumed its decline in week ended 26 August.

German exports fell further in second quarter

30 August 2017

German fresh/frozen pork exports were 5% lower than in 2016 during the first half of the year, with the decline accelerating to 9% in the second quarter.

Feed market update – August 2017

30 August 2017

Read our commentary on latest developments in the global cereals and oilseed markets.

EU pig market largely in balance

30 August 2017

Following some sharp declines throughout July, EU pig prices began to stabilise moving into August.

EU pig meat production rises in May

29 August 2017

In May EU pig meat production increased by 6% on the year to 2 million tonnes, according to latest data from the EU Commission.

GB pig price regains some of previous weeks’ losses

23 August 2017

Following negative movements in the previous two weeks, the EU-spec SPP recovered some ground in week ended 19 August, gaining 0.13p to stand at 164.66p/kg. The current quote is almost 29p above year earlier levels.

Producer’s share of pork price remains at record high in July

23 August 2017

At 44% the producer’s share of the retail pork price recorded a marginal gain (0.2 percentage points) on the month in July and is the largest proportion received by producers since records began in 2009.

Irish pigmeat production rises

23 August 2017

Throughputs of finished pigs in Ireland were broadly the same in the first six months of the year compared with 2016, standing at 1.66 million, according to data from the Central Statistical Office.

In-depth: Russia- a sleeping pig meat giant?

23 August 2017

As Russia extends its current import embargo until the end of 2018, reports suggest that its domestic pork production is set to soar. With this in mind we explore what impact this could have on the global pig meat market.

Another slow month for EU exports

21 August 2017

The slowdown in EU pork exports continued in June, with volumes down 25% year-on-year at 158,300 tonnes.

UK pig slaughterings continue to fall in July

18 August 2017

UK clean pig slaughterings fell by 4% on the year in July to 828.5 thousand head, according to latest data from Defra.

Price marked packs- the future of meat sales?

16 August 2017

In response to the success of the Hard Discounters, major retailers are increasingly moving away from promotional activity in favour of an everyday low price (EDLP) strategy.

GB pig prices remain relatively stable - week ended 12 August

16 August 2017

The EU-spec SPP remained relatively unchanged in the week ending 12 August. At 164.53p/kg the current quote is just 0.01p lower than the previous week, but is 29.53p higher than the same period last year.

Pork exports drop below 2016 levels in June

16 August 2017

Following year-on-year growth during the previous month, UK pork exports faltered during June. Fresh/frozen pork shipments during the month were down 5% on a year earlier at 17.5 thousand tonnes.

Japan and South Korea counter weaker Chinese pork imports

15 August 2017

Both Japan and South Korea have reported year-on-year increases in fresh/frozen pork imports during the first half of 2017. With Chinese import demand slowing in the second quarter, these destinations have become increasingly important outlets for the global pork market.

Pork sales generally weaker

15 August 2017

In the 12 weeks ended 16 July, primary pork volume sales have fallen by 5.3% year-on-year.

GB pig price slips slightly - Week ended 5 August

09 August 2017

In the week ending 5 August, the EU-spec SPP declined for the first time in 23 weeks, however it remains at the second highest level since the price series began in April 2014.

Global meat prices plateau in July

09 August 2017

In July the FAO food price index rose for the third consecutive month to 179.1 points, 2% higher on the month and 10% up on the year. Furthermore, this was the highest level the index has reached since December 2014.

EU sow prices decline

09 August 2017

Since November 2016, in general EU sow prices had been rising, however over the past few weeks values have been declining and generally by a larger amount than for clean pigs.

Danish breeding herd still edging up

09 August 2017

The number of sows in Denmark has increased again based on data from the 1 July pig survey. This follows the small year on year increase in the 1 April pig count.

US pork exports climb

07 August 2017

During the first half of 2017 the US exported 879.3 thousand tonnes of fresh/frozen pork, 12% more than the same period in 2016.

GB pig feed output falls in first half of the year

07 August 2017

In June, GB compound pig feed production decreased by 6% on the year to 148,400 tonnes, according to latest data from Defra. This takes year to date (January-June) pig feed production up to 872,400 tonnes, 5% lower than the same period in 2016.

August UK pig meat market update out now

07 August 2017

The August edition of the UK Pig Meat Market Update is now available.

UK production in second half lower than previously expected?

02 August 2017

The July Pig Meat Outlook review is now available, assessing the accuracy of the UK pig meat production and trade forecasts produced in April.

GB pig prices climb for 22nd consecutive week - week ended 29 July

02 August 2017

The EU-spec SPP climbed for the 22nd consecutive week in the week ending 29 July, to another record high for the price series.

In-depth: Chinese pork imports lose momentum

02 August 2017

This is the first of more in-depth articles covering the pig meat sector with implications for the UK. This first article covering China is also intended to be a regular feature given its importance as the key global importer of pig meat.

Disappointing export performance for Brazil

02 August 2017

The previous increase in Brazilian pork exports came to an end in the first half of 2017, with volumes shipped between January-June 2% lower than year earlier levels. 

Wheat fit for pigs

02 August 2017

In simple terms, feed wheat is the most widely available energy source of all cereals grown in the UK for use in pig diets. The feed sector in the UK takes more than 50% of domestically grown wheat, but still relatively little is known about the true feed value of this cereal.

EU reference price falls

01 August 2017

In the four weeks ending 23 July the EU pig reference price fell by €6.72 to €170.25/100kg the lowest price recorded for this series since mid-April.