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Irish pigmeat production rises

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Throughputs of finished pigs in Ireland were broadly the same in the first six months of the year compared with 2016, standing at 1.66 million, according to data from the Central Statistical Office.

Bord Bia records show sow and boar slaughterings over the same period as down by almost 7% year on year however, and industry reports suggest that supplies of pigs could be tight in Ireland through the coming months. Production in the year to the end of June was up by 2% to 145,600 tonnes compared with last year. This suggests that the average carcase weight rose by 1.8kg compared with 2016.


Between October 2016 and April 2017 the Irish price was higher than the EU reference price, but this subsequently changed as the EU reference price began to rise rapidly in March, in response to tightening supply. The EU reference price began to fall away again from the start of June, however, following a more seasonal pattern. Meanwhile the Irish reference price has held firm, so the two measures have converged. For the week ended 13 August the Irish reference price stood at €163.53/100kg, a year on year rise of 8%. In contrast, the UK reference price for the week ended 13 August was €181.59/100kg, a year on year gain of 18%.

The UK remains the top destination for Irish fresh/frozen pork exports at around a third of the total, although in recent years China has come close to rivalling that. According to Irish export figures, in the period January to June exports of fresh or frozen pork to the UK (including Northern Ireland) stood at 32,400 tonnes, a year on year rise of 8%. Total exports between January and June were down slightly on the levels seen in 2016, standing at 95,200 tonnes.


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