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For week ended 28 January, the EU-spec SPP showed very little movement on the previous week, falling by just 0.04p to stand at 150.56p/kg.

The declines seen in the SPP over the past 4 weeks reflect the seasonally more difficult post-Christmas period. However, prices have held up reasonably well compared to a year earlier, suggesting the market has been largely in balance. The latest figure remains considerably higher, by 35.84p, than in the same week last year.

Estimated slaughterings continued to be below year earlier levels during the week. At 170.3 thousand head, throughput was 4% below 2016, and also 1% down on the previous week. Meanwhile, carcase weights showed a small week on week decrease to stand at 84.38kg. However, this was sufficient to move carcase weights below the equivalent year earlier figure for the first time in over a year. This was likely influenced by poor pig prices in January 2016, which encouraged producers to hold their pigs back in contrast to this year given the tighter supply situation.


The EU-spec APP also recorded a fall for week ended 21 January. At 153.82p/kg, the figure was 0.34p back on the previous week, though remained more than 34p above the same week last year. This caused the gap between the APP and the SPP to widen slightly, to 3.22p.

Diverging movements were seen in the weaner prices for week ended 28 January. 7kg weaners saw a modest weekly price increase of 9p, to stand at £39.26/head. Conversely, 30kg weaners saw a 60p price fall to £54.85/head. Both 7kg and 30kg weaner prices remained comfortably above year earlier levels, by £9.03 and £18.40 respectively. 


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