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Feed market update – January 2017

31 January 2017

Read our commentary on latest developments in the global cereals and oilseed markets.

EU sow prices surge in 2016

31 January 2017

As with finished pig prices, EU sow prices during the latter half of 2016 recovered significantly from the historic lows experienced at the start of the year.

Pig meat sales still rising, unlike pork

26 January 2017

The volume of bacon and added value products, such as sausages, sold by UK retailers in the 12 weeks ending 1 January (including the Christmas period) increased on the year, according to latest data from Kantar World panel.  However, pork sales remained subdued in the same period.

US retaliatory measures against EU?

26 January 2017

The United States announced in late December that it intends taking action against the EU because of trade discrimination against US beef.

UK pig prices- week ended 21 January 2017

25 January 2017

In the week ending 21 January the EU-spec SPP continued its downward trend, losing 0.44p over the week at 150.60p/kg.

Will US pork mountain prove insurmountable for UK exports?

25 January 2017

The latest United States forecasts anticipate that pig meat output will reach a record high this year, up by as much as 5% on 2016 to nearly 12 million tonnes.

EU pork production falls in October, or does it?

25 January 2017

Latest figures from Eurostat suggest that EU pig slaughterings fell by 5% in October compared to the previous year, declining to 21.2 million head.

EU exports returned to growth in November

23 January 2017

EU fresh/frozen pork exports returned to growth during November, following stagnation in the previous month.

Pig meat production inched ahead in 2016

20 January 2017

The volume of pig meat produced in the UK during 2016 was the highest since 2000, according to the latest data from Defra.

Sterling firms following announcement of Brexit

20 January 2017

Rather than compounding the declining value of sterling against the euro, the announcement of the government’s plans for exiting the EU have instead provided some reassurance to markets.


18 January 2017

In week ending the 14 January the EU-spec SPP price fell for the second consecutive week, albeit by a smaller amount (0.2p) to 151.04p/kg.

EU pig prices slide back once festive demand over

18 January 2017

The rises seen in the EU average pig price from November to December were short lived, with prices falling by €3.25 over the past four weeks to €151.88/100kg by the week ended 8 January.

Asia- are UK pork exports up to the challenge?

18 January 2017

The Asia-Pacific region could offer increasing opportunities for global pork exporters looking forward, including the UK.

Value up, volume down for UK pork exports

17 January 2017

The volume of UK pork exports continued to decline in November, following lower levels of domestic production for much of last year. However, the decline in the value of the pound has meant that the value of shipments remains up compared to a year earlier.

Producer share of retail price rises once again in December

17 January 2017

In December, farm gate prices increased for the tenth consecutive month to the highest level of the year.

Global meat prices fall again

13 January 2017

Latest figures from the UN FAO show that global meat prices in 2016 were, on average, 7% lower than in 2015.

UK Pig Prices- Week Ended 07 January 2017

11 January 2017

The EU-spec SPP saw its largest decline for ten months during week ended 07 January. Falling 0.66p on the previous week, the figure stood at 151.24p/kg.

A roller coaster year with more uncertainty to come?

11 January 2017

2016 was a year of highs and lows for the UK pork sector. In March prices fell to their lowest level since 2008. This was followed by 37 continuous weeks of price rises, the longest period of increases on record.

German pig meat demand under pressure

11 January 2017

Consumer demand for pig meat in Germany has been under considerable pressure in the last five years. Recent data published by the German market information agency, AMI, indicates it is taking a major hit including in relation to other meats.

Brazilian exports increase by a third driven by Asian demand

11 January 2017

The volume of fresh/frozen pork exported from Brazil in 2016 was a third higher than 2015 at over 628,600 tonnes.

Feed barley discount or feed wheat premium?

10 January 2017

The price relationship of feed wheat and barley influences the usage of these feed grains. As it stands, the spot premium of UK ex-farm feed wheat over feed barley is just under £18/t and has averaged around £18/t so far this season (Jul-Jan).

Italian pork imports still down on last year

09 January 2017

At 722,900 tonnes, the volume of fresh/frozen pork imported into Italy during the first nine months of 2016 was 5% behind year earlier levels, according to the latest figures released by Istat. Nonetheless, this still leaves Italy the second largest pork importer during Q1-Q3 2016 and therefore still an important player in the global pig meat marketplace.

UK pig prices

04 January 2017

The EU-spec SPP has seen an increase in the week ended 31 December, following the modest decline seen in the previous week.

Dutch exports back further in Q3

04 January 2017

Fresh/frozen pork volumes exported from the Netherlands were back 6% on the 2015 figure during the first nine months of 2016, at 610 thousand tonnes.

Bumper US pig crop exceeds previous expectations

03 January 2017

According to the latest USDA Hogs and Pigs report, as at 1 December 2016 the US pig herd stood at 71.5 million head. This figure, 4% higher than the same point in 2015 and marginally above the revised September estimate, represented the largest December pig herd since 1943.

German breeding herd continues to contract

03 January 2017

Provisional figures from the November census indicate that, at 27.3 million head, the German pig herd had fallen by 1% relative to the same point in 2015.