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Producer share of retail price rises once again in December

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In December, farm gate prices increased for the tenth consecutive month to the highest level of the year.

This rise, combined with a smaller rise in the average retail price, led to the share of the retail price received by producers increasing to 40.4%. This remains the largest share received by producers since July 2014 and is nearly seven percentage points higher than December 2015 (33.6%). Increases in GB pig prices during December were responsible for the overall increase in producer’s share, with the EU-spec APP gaining 2.5p/kg on the month and 25.6p/kg on December 2015.

Despite the producers share of the retail price growing in recent months, for 2016 as a whole the share of retail price averaged 34.7%, on par with 2015. This was largely driven by farm gate prices hitting multiyear lows earlier on in the year.


Retail pork prices by cut in December recorded a combination of increases and decreases on the month. Boneless leg and loin steaks increased by 2% on November, while boneless shoulder rose by 1%. Fillet end leg, loin chops and minced pork all saw marginal price changes on the month. On the other hand, fillet of pork and diced pork both declined by 2% month on month and traditional pork sausages fell by 1%.  Compared to December 2015, average retail prices showed greater variation. While fillet end leg was 6% more expensive in December 2016 compared to a year earlier, traditional pork sausages were 5% cheaper. Other cuts recorded more marginal movement’s year on year.


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