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In week ending the 14 January the EU-spec SPP price fell for the second consecutive week, albeit by a smaller amount (0.2p) to 151.04p/kg.

Similar to the previous week, this likely reflects the usual seasonal decline in demand after the festive period but at least the market was largely in balance. The current quote is over 33p/kg above the same week in 2016.

Estimated slaughterings were up 20% on the week before, at 178 thousand head, in week ending 14 January, the first full week following the holiday period. Estimated slaughterings were only 2% up compared to the same week in 2016, which highlights the fact that usual proceedings have resumed, following the Christmas period. Likewise, carcase weights remained the same as the previous week at 84.26kg and virtually the same as a year earlier.


The EU-spec APP rose marginally by 0.01p in week ending 7 January, to 154.82p/kg. Compared to the same week a year ago, the current quote is nearly 32p more. Prices fell back sharply in the same week last year. The increase in APP and decrease in SPP led to the gap between the two price series widening further to 3.58p/kg.

Weaner prices recorded diverging trends in the week ending 14 January. While 30kg weaner prices decreased by £2.72 to £53.93/head, 7kg weaner prices increased by £0.67 to £38.59/head, the highest price since August 2014. Compared to the same point last year both 30kg and 7kg weaner prices are up by £16 and £8.53 respectively.


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