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EU pig meat exports to China under pressure

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Total exports, including offal, to all third countries fell 4% year-on-year during the first four months of 2017, based on the latest figures from Eurostat. 

Trade with China, which accounted for nearly 40% of the total, fell by 18% in the first third of the year. This was particularly influenced by a sharp decline in shipments during April, when volumes dropped to half of the year earlier level. In contrast, shipments to other markets in April were only down 6%.


For the January-April period, EU trade with the Philippines experienced a much smaller fall, of 3%, compared to China. However, shipments to Japan and South Korea increased year on year, by 6% and 30%, respectively.  Exports of pig meat to Hong Kong were virtually unchanged on the year, up less than 1%.

EU exports of fresh/frozen pork were 3% down on the year during the same period. Yet of the major markets shipments to South Korea increased by a quarter followed by Hong Kong, which was up by 14%. Exports to the US were also up, by 11%, while Philippines showed modest growth of 4% and Japan increased by less than 1%. In contrast, shipments to China were down by 21%.

Offal exports from the EU to third countries also declined in the first four months of 2017, down by 7% on a year earlier. Trade with China fell by 14%, while shipments to both the Philippines and Hong Kong fell on the same period last year, by 10% and 7%, respectively. Volumes exported to Japan doubled, while those to South Korea were up by 68%.


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