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FAO 2017 Food Outlook Now Published

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The latest FAO food outlook has now been published. The report highlights the trends anticipated for all food commodity markets over 2017.

Total meat production is anticipated to stagnate for a second year during 2017, rising by just 0.3% to 322 million tonnes. Output is actually expected to grow in the majority of countries, including the US, Brazil, India and Argentina, but this will be offset by a downturn in Chinese output.

For pigmeat production, FAO anticipates the downturn in China will drive a continuing global decline. Chinese production, which accounts for almost half of the world total, is forecast to fall by almost 4% to 49.8 million tonnes. However, production growth is forecast for other Asian countries, the Americas and Russia. As such, overall, world pigmeat production is forecast to fall 0.8% to 114.7 million tonnes this year.


In contrast, global trade in meat is forecast to register a second year of expansion (+2.5%) in 2017, reaching 32 million tonnes. Pigmeat trade is anticipated to be especially vibrant, climbing over 4% on the year to reach a historical high of 8.6 million tonnes. China is expected to be the main driver of this growth, with imports potentially increasing by 12%. Exports from the US, Brazil and Canada are expected to capitalise on this increased demand, whereas supply limitations will likely mean EU shipments remain stable.

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