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Pig slaughterings pick up slightly in May

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UK production of pig meat was 74,300 tonnes in May, up 1% compared to the same month in 2016, and the first year on year increase seen in 2017.

The increase in May came about due to higher throughputs of clean pigs and sows, despite falling carcase weights.


May saw 870,800 clean pigs slaughtered, which is 83,300 more than in April and nearly 1% higher than a year earlier. Clean pig carcase weights have been declining for the past few months and this typical seasonal trend continued into May with the average weight coming in at 82.1kg. This is a further 900g lighter than the month before, although 600g heavier than in May last year.

Sow slaughterings increased slightly month on month, to 19,300, although the longer-term downward trend persists. The figure is 7% below that seen in May 2016 and further supports the view that stability is gradually coming into the breeding herd.


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