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Producer’s share of pork price continues to increase

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The producer’s share of the retail pork price increased marginally in May, reaching 43.2%, the highest point of the year so far.

This was one percentage point greater than April, while 11% higher than May 2016. This has now exceeded the July 2014 level and is the largest share received by producers since December 2013.

The farmgate price continued to increase slightly in May, rising by 2.6% on April, and up 36.6% on the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, the retail prices fell 0.6% in May against the previous month, but remained 0.5% above May 2016.


The fall in retail pork prices in May was largely due to lower prices for loin steaks, boneless leg and boneless shoulders all falling by 1%. Most other cuts remained static, namely, fillet end leg, loin chops, diced pork, minced pork and traditional pork sausages. The only cut to record an increase in price was fillet of pork, which rose by 2% on the previous month.

Over the longer term, there was more movement in the prices of pork cuts. Diced pork and loin chops rose by 2% and 3% respectively on May 2016. Boneless leg increased by 1% and fillet end leg went up by 4%. Fillet of pork recorded a greater price increase, up on a year earlier by 7%. Meanwhile, minced pork showed no movement, the value of traditional pork sausages fell by 3% and loin steaks were 7% lower in price than in May 2016.



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