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EU pig prices range-bound, for now

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EU-28 prices for pig meat have remained range-bound in the year so far, although there is reason for suppliers to be optimistic about market conditions in the coming months.

The EU Reference Price was quoted at €152.95/100kg for week ended 5 March 2017, up 37 eurocents on the week before, and over €28 more than the price a year ago. A stable market price suggests that supply is relatively well balanced with demand for pig meat in the EU. A decline in the European breeding herd from Dec 2015 to Dec 2016 of nearly 2%, and high weaner prices are both supportive of a tightening supply picture. This comes a time of year when European demand is typically weaker than average, and so prices could receive a boost in the coming months, when demand is expected to return.


EU exports in general to China have been strong in recent months, increasing by over 7% from November to January, despite Chinese import volumes in total dropping more than 6% over this period. Spain in particular has seen its export volumes to China increase in January. This all contributes to the tight supply situation on the continent.

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