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The EU-spec SPP fell by 0.22p in week ended 25 February, to 149.59p/kg.

Despite the fall on the week, the current quote remains over 37p above the same week in 2016, driven by tighter supplies. Furthermore, estimated slaughterings for week ended 25 February were marginally lower (-141 head) on the week and 7% lower year on year, at 161,915 head, highlighting the continued tightening in supply. Meanwhile, average carcase weights increased by 220g on the week to 84.29kg/head. The current figure is nearly 400g more than the same week a year earlier, as weights were actually falling during this point in 2016.


In week ended 18 February the EU-spec APP increased for the second consecutive week, at 153.23p/kg, a rise of 0.31p. Compared to the same week a year ago, the current quote is nearly 37p higher. This movement meant that the gap between the APP and the SPP grew further, standing at 3.42p/kg.

Diverging trends were recorded in weaner price movements in week ended 25 February. 30kg weaner prices recorded an increase of £1.12 on the week, at £56.24/head. However, 7kg weaner prices fell by 10p, at £38.13/head. Nevertheless, both 30kg and 7kg weaner prices recorded increases on the same week in 2016, of £18.48/head and £9.34/head respectively.


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