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In the week ending 29 April, the EU-spec SPP climbed once again to the highest level achieved in this series since early September 2014.

At 156.53p/kg the current quote is 0.37p up week on week and is nearly 43p higher than the same week in 2016. Furthermore, at 159,600 head, estimated slaughterings fell by 2% on the week and were 7% lower than the equivalent week last year. This emphasises the sentiment seen so far this year with domestic pig meat supplies remaining tight.

In week ending 29 April the average carcase weight increased slightly (130g) on the week to 83.63kg, with the average probe measurement also increasing moderately by 0.2mm at 11mm. Compared to the same week in 2016 the current weight is 810g heavier, while the current probe measurement is 0.2mm less.

The EU-spec APP climbed once again in the week ending 22 April, to 159.03p/kg. The current quote is 0.87p up on the previous week and over 42p higher than the equivalent week in 2016. The gap between the APP and SPP widened slightly week on week to stand at 2.87p/kg. 


A 30kg weaner price will not be published for week ending 29 April 2017, due to insufficient data available to provide a statistically robust price. Nonetheless, in the week ending 29 April, 7kg weaner prices rose for the third consecutive week, to reach the highest level for this series since June 2014. At £41.01/head the current quote is 20p up on the week and £12.49 higher than the same week a year earlier.  


Millie Askew, Analyst, 024 7647 8968