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Decline continues for EU sow prices

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EU sow prices have been on a generally declining trend for almost six months, reflecting the downwards pressure also being felt on the finished pig market.

For the key German market, prices for M1 grade pigs did rise in the short term in June and September. Although, prices in the most recent week ended 12 November were €0.41 behind the May peak, at €1.11/kg. This was the lowest price since the end of June 2016.

Cull sow prices on the other key European markets, France, the Netherlands and Denmark, have also been following a similar downwards trend. The French price fell particularly sharply during October, declining €0.18 to €0.81/kg. This brought the French sow price in line with the Danish price, which is usually the lowest of these three countries.


Reports indicate that the declining EU sow prices have also put pressure on the UK sow price, as Germany is the primary destination for British sow meat. However, the current weakness of the pound compared to the euro does help boost the competitiveness of UK exports on the continent.


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