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EU pig meat production increases in May

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The latest data from Eurostat show EU pig production was 2.07 million tonnes in May 2018, a 3% increase year-on-year. This was due to a 2% increase in pig slaughterings compared to a year earlier (totalling 22.1 million head) combined with a slight rise in carcase weights (+1%) to average 93.4kg.

This continues a trend of higher production levels compared to 2017. As such, in the first five months of the year production totalled 10.2 million tonnes, an increase of 500,000 tonnes (+5%), with 110 million pigs slaughtered.


Production in Germany, the largest pig producing nation in the EU, is down by 7% (-33,000 tonnes) for May 2018 compared to a year earlier.  However production in the year to May remains unchanged at 2.3 million tonnes. Spain and Denmark have shown strong growth in production during the first five months of the year, increasing production by 158,000 tonnes (+9%) and 94,000 tonnes (+15%) respectively. Poland also continues to increase production levels, up 80,000 tonnes (+10%) between Jan-May and up 7% (+11,000 tonnes) in May 2018. This is unsurprising considering a number of Polish meat businesses have been investing in updating existing plants or purchasing new sites. ASF currently present in Poland remains a threat to pork production.  

The EU-28 average pig price has been up and down during 2018. The price peaked during March, then declined in the subsequent months as a result of additional production throughout Europe. The price has since recovered slightly.  In the week ended 11 August 2018 currently stands at €145.65/100kg, nearly €24 below year earlier levels.


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