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Little movement in EU sow prices

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In the past three months, prices for EU sows have remained reasonably steady.

German and Dutch prices have been the highest and at a similar level, whereas Danish and French prices have trended together at a lower level. Currently the German/Dutch price is around €1.00/kg, while the price in Denmark/France is around €0.83/kg. Over the past 12 weeks, German prices have recorded the largest decline, but even this was only €0.04.


Finished pig prices in the EU have also recorded little movement recently. In week ended 29 July, the EU average pig reference price stood at €1.44/kg, just €0.01 higher than at the end of April and €0.26 lower than year earlier levels.

In line with this trend, sow prices are also currently trending below year earlier levels. For week ended 29 July, German and Dutch prices stand just over €0.30 below 2017 levels, while the Danish price is just €0.18 down on the year. Meanwhile, French sow prices have recorded at largest year-on-year decline of almost €0.35.

Over the past few months the pound has remained reasonably stable against the euro. Continental sow prices have therefore also remained reasonably steady in sterling terms, with the key German price standing at £0.89/kg in the latest week, around 3p lower than at the start of May. The German price normally influences the GB price, although the GB price is generally lower, and industry reports suggest domestic prices have also been fairly stable of late.


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