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EU weaner price remains subdued

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EU weaner prices trended downwards for much of the summer months, remaining well below year earlier levels.

Through autumn and going into winter, prices have steadied a little, increasing slightly in the past couple of weeks.  In the week ending 25 November, the EU weaner price averaged €36.53/head. This is still €5.60 below last year’s price, and down almost €16 since the priced peaked in April.  

Prices in the weaner market reflect the trends in the finished pig market, which have also been trending much lower this year. Industry reports suggest that throughputs are subdued on the back of poorer demand. This is likely to be having an effect on turnover on farm, and subsequently affecting weaner demand. Reports of a general decline in the size of the European breeding herd, combined with optimism about a possible continued increase in demand from China have led to some strength in the EU average weaner of late.


Spanish weaner prices have been particularly affected through the summer months. In August they hit a low of €23.81/head, the lowest recorded price since November 2015. The price has since recovered a little and in the week ended 25 November, averaged €34.10/head, more in line with the price for the same week in 2017. Dutch weaner have also dropped quite significantly, falling over €27/head between April and the first week of November. German and French prices have also been declining since spring, however less severely than other EU countries.


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