Photo of EU production was up again in November

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EU production was up again in November

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The latest figures from Eurostat indicate that slaughterings rose just under 1% on year earlier levels during November, reaching 22.1 million head.

Higher carcase weights meant the growth in production outpaced the rise in throughputs, reaching 2.0 million tonnes which was over 1% above 2016 levels. Despite the higher supplies, EU pig prices actually remained relatively flat during November, suggesting the market was largely in balance during the build-up to Christmas.

This means that, for the year to November, EU slaughterings stood at 233.8 million head which was a 1% decline on the same period in 2016. With carcase weights averaging higher across the year, the decline in production over the same period was just under 1%, at 21.3 million tonnes.


Similar to previous months, on an individual country basis increasing throughputs during November were most noticeable in Spain, with numbers up 7% year-on-year. While smaller producers, higher slaughterings were also evident in Poland (+8%) and France (+5%). On the other hand, both Germany and Denmark recorded an 8% decline in slaughterings during the month, compared to 2016 levels.


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