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EU sow prices the lowest since mid-2016

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EU sow prices have been on a downward trend for over six months, although markets were generally more stable in the latter quarter than they have been previously. Nonetheless, for the most recent week ending 14 January, the lowest prices since at least mid-2016 were recorded for most key European markets.

The fall in EU sow prices is reflective of the downward trend in the EU average pig reference price. This is characteristic for the New Year, with a slight rise in supply and diminished demand.

Since the week-ending 19 November the German M1 sow price has fallen by €0.08, to €1.04/100kg in the week-ended 14 January. This price is down 22% on the equivalent week last year and is the lowest price recorded since June 2016.


Dutch sow prices declined most significantly over the same period, down €0.12 to €0.97/100kg. French and Danish prices dropped too, but less remarkably. Over the last 8 weeks sow prices in both countries declined by €0.03, to be worth €0.78/100kg and €0.77/100kg respectively. Industry reports show similar downward pressure on UK sow prices.

In the latest week reference prices for clean pigs in Germany have started to stabilise. If this continues it is anticipated that sow prices would follow suit.


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