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Little change in GB pig prices

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In the week ending 30 June, the EU-spec SPP was 150.31p/kg, 0.28p higher compared to the previous week, although the measure remains around 12p below year earlier levels.

While the hot weather is having an adverse impact other livestock production, industry reports suggest that pig production may not yet be greatly affected. In fact, estimated slaughterings during the week stood at 164,300 head, 2% higher than the previous week and a modest 1% up on year earlier levels. However, average carcase weights were 82.65kg, 380g lighter than last week but 470g heavier than the same week last year. It may be that processors are not actively seeking pigs until they have more clarity around the situation with CO2 supply, limiting movement in both throughputs and pig prices.


The EU-spec APP fell slightly, by 0.03p/kg in the week ending 23 June, to 152.87p/kg. This was similar to the drop recorded in the SPP in the corresponding week. The price differential between the APP and the SPP therefore remained relatively unchanged, now standing at 2.84p/kg. 

7kg weaner prices rose, by 83p, to stand at £38.08/head for the week ending 30 June. This is £5.83/head lower than the equivalent week last year, with higher feed prices possibly continuing to limit weaner price growth. The 30kg weaner price was £54.86/head. No price was published last week due to insufficient data to enable a representative price to be produced, but the price is 80p higher than the 30kg price for week ending 16 June.


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